Monday, June 29, 2009

I had not planned to be so long in posting again...but life is not always as we plan it. A short update on my sister - she underwent radiation and chemo December thru January, then surgery on her 60th birthday in March to remove the malignant tumor. The prognosis was not good by man's standards - Stage 4 - but with God all things are possible. She is back to chemo every two weeks and so far she still has her hair and looks much better than she often feels. All praise goes to a God who hears our prayers!

Other things occupying my life included getting ready for a family reunion on my mother's side this weekend. It was good to see cousins and their families and get reacquainted.

I have also been working on memories for a Friendship group which started over 20 years ago after several of us went through a church split. About 10 to 12 of us have stuck together through those years, sometimes crying together, often praying for each other, and often laughing together. Someday, I may link a copy of our memories to this site so you, too, can enjoy some of our foolishness.

I am also working on family history on I have three families started - the Johnson's (my mother's family); the Horning's (my father's family); and the Henson's (my husband's family). I have uploaded some old photos that I find interesting on the Horning side recently.

It's time for supper - on the grill again. Although today has only been in the lower 90's, it is still too warm to cook inside. We have a natural gas grill that works great for a quick meal for the two of us.