Monday, October 18, 2010

The Curse of Eden

This grandma's heart carries of load of heaviness today. As I search for answers to why a beloved grandchild has inherited a gene that carries a serious threat to life, I want to blame God or Satan. The child did nothing to bring this on himself, except to be born to a sinful world. From the time that Eve chose the lie of the serpent over the truth of the loving creator, sorrow and pain became a part of this world.

So, I can blame Eve and Adam, right? But, alas, I looked in my own heart this morning. What I saw was the reflection of "Eve". If I believed my Lord and my God, I would start nothing in the morning without first reading the Word that reveals who they are, then spending time fellowshipping with them. I believe a lie - that what I do with my hands is more important than what I do in my spirit. I do not trust the Creator with my grandchild enough to spend time before Him seeking answers to the hard questions. Instead I quake in fear of the prognosis.

Jesus said, "In the world, you will have troubles" - he never promised we would not face these hard times. But then He added, "But I have overcome the world". What does His overcoming mean in light of a diagnosis of CF for my grandchild? That is what I must learn in the days ahead.

Father, please help me to accept my weak, human nature, but also realize that you have adopted me as your child. As your child, I need fellowship with you and your Word to survive this fallen world and the heartache it brings into our lives.