Sunday, September 16, 2012

Isaiah 37

In reading Isaiah 37, I am impressed to comment on the attitude of much of the world with regard to Israel.  To set the scene, Sennacherib, king of Assyria, has sent his representative to Israel's king, Hezekiah, to make threats against them and blaspheme God.  He uses the age-old weapons of Satan by trying to plant doubts in the King and the hearts of people by questioning the power of their God.

Hezekiah is shaking in his boots, so he sends word to the prophet Isaiah of the threats and asks him to pray. Isaiah's response assures him (verse 6) with an often repeated verse in Scripture: "Do not be afraid...."  Soon a threatening letter arrives to Hezekiah from king of Assyria's servant.  This time, Hezekiah goes to the House of the Lord, spreads out the letter and begins to pray.  He concludes his prayer with these words, "And now, O Lord our God, deliver us from his hand that all kingdoms of the earth may know that Thou alone, Lord, are God."  (I believe God will always answer this prayer because that is His purpose - to display His power so that all men will be drawn to Him.)
Isaiah's response intrigues me with regard to what is happening in America today.  In verse 23, he records God's response:
"Whom have you reproached and blasphemed?
And against whom have you raised your voice,
And haughtily lifted up your eyes?
Against the Holy One of Israel!"
Continuing in verses 28 & 29:
"But I know your sitting down,
And your going out and your coming in,
And your raging against Me.
Because of your raging against Me,
And because your arrogance has come up to my ears,
Therefore I will put My hook in your nose,
And My bridle in your lips,
And I will turn you back by the way which you came."

Take warning Muslim nations who are threatening Israel; to America and its leadership who are speaking against God Almighty and the people who are His chosen ones!  To the haughty ones who "think" they are in charge, God will not continued to be mocked.

To Christians who are praying - remember it is not for our own comfort that we pray (so we can continue in prosperity and a life of ease), but that God will show Himself mighty so that all kingdoms of the earth may know that He is God!  Remember in this election time, God is our deliverer - never a man who tells you what he can do.