Tuesday, August 7, 2012

At a meeting last evening, we discussed the growing population of Muslims in the U.S. cities.  We had recently read a e-mail quoting a European gentlemen warning America to avoid the plight of his countries that are now overrun by the Muslim peoples. At their present growth, they will soon take control of much of Europe.  We then joined hands to pray for our country - and I was asked to lead the prayer.  As I voiced our concerns, God seemed to show me that we have a mission field in our midst.  I was led to pray that we would share the gospel with these hopeless people who are settling all over our nation.

If Satan can keep us viewing them as a threat, and incite fear in our hearts that we will be overrun by them, we will miss the opportunity that He has set before us.  Tolerance and appeasement do not work - we know  to them that is a sign of weakness.  But the gospel will work because God has commanded that we take the gospel to all people.  When we obey, He works.  We have no power to change anyone, but we do have the power to pray for wisdom and the knowledge to obey His command, which then empowers Him to work.

God, I pray for the Muslim people inside the boundaries of this country which was founded on your Word.  I pray that you will raise up strong witnesses to the hope that you give to the hopeless.  I pray for the many women and children who are enslaved within the Muslim communities by the evil one.  Send into their midst missionaries with a heart for these lost people.  May you bring them to you, one at a time as you open doors and penetrate the darkness of their lives.  May you be glorified in all the answers to this prayer.  I ask these things in the precious name of your Son, my Savior.