Sunday, September 13, 2009

Patty Melt

A walk down memory lane:

One of the things that I remember my mother making as a child was what we call a patty melt today. I made them for lunch today and thought I would share the memory.

First, two slices of bread per sandwich were buttered on one side.

The hamburger patties were fried separately and drained of excess grease.
These were placed on one slice of bread and topped with a slice of cheese (since my husband loves pepper jack cheese, his looks a little different).

I placed both in a skillet - buttered side out. My mother had an electric sandwich griddle that she placed them in, then shut the lid and let them brown. The cheese would melt down through the meat - yum yum!

Since I have no such appliance, I improvised with my bacon press to press them down and let the cheese melt through.

The finished product did not taste like my mother's, but they were good. I think she must have used processed cheese spread because I remember them being "cheesier". I might try a piece of cheese on each side next time.

I finished the curtains for the bedroom that my grandkids use when they spend the night at Grandma's. Remember, I spent $26 for material to cover five windows? During a rainy season, I moved the sewing machine downstairs and made my curtains. It was hard to get a good picture. They are navy with navy and tan checked trim. They are heavy enough that I can leave the blinds up and let in some light to the room. The paper is a patriotic, country red white and blue.