Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Dilemma

Last year when I finished reading the book Radical - Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream by David Platt, I made several decisions.  One of those was to visit a country that reflected how much of the rest of the world lives life.  About the same time, I received an offer from Compassion International to visit the child that we sponsor in Guatemala.

I began to discuss the ramifications of making a decision to travel outside the U.S. with my husband.  It is a costly trip - would it not be better to send that money to Compassion and let them use it to meet the needs of children and families?  It was then that I remembered a statement from Platt's book: "...God chose to bring salvation to you and me, he did not send gold or silver, cash or check.  He sent himself -the Son.  I was convicted for even considering that I should give money instead of actually coming to Sudan.  How will I ever show the gospel to the world if all I send is my money?  Was I really so shallow as to think that my money is the answer to the needs in the world?"  This statement led me to decide that I needed to give of myself if I really wanted to share His love with the world.

As a result, we visited the Ixil mountain area of Guatemala on January 19-26, 2013.  I so clearly saw a truth while there:  "God's blessings have been poured out on America for only one reason - to use us to bless the rest of the world and glorify God in doing so."  Unfortunately, I believe many of us thought it was only for our comfort and for the "stuff" we can buy.  When our nation reaches a point where it hoards more of our riches than we use to bless others, I believe it will be taken from us.  We hear repeated warning of a coming financial collapse.  Will it come because God is no longer being glorified in the blessing of those in need?  I realize there are legitimate organizations who are touching lives in the name of Christ - Compassion International and Samaritan's Purse are a couple with which I am acquainted.  But I believe we may be hanging in the balance as a nation. Which way will the pendulum swing? And will our Lord return before the collapse?  

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